I wish I was my dog!

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Earlier this year, poor little dogster was found to have a shockingly bad arthritic elbow. Earlier this week, I said to the vet that I had no idea how poorly he was until he got better. Suddenly, the lazy and grumpy snoozer, who we assumed was getting old, was acting like a spritely puppy. He's been given a clean bill of health and told his joint looks excellent. The treatment? One dose of anti-inflammatories per day and one supplement tablet. If only my arthritis could as obliging!


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    If only!

    Don't you sometimes find that yourself, though – you didn't realise how bad things had got until you managed to take one small step to alter them?

    I would add one other ingredient. Your dog has a kind, caring owner. If he'd been left to 'decline due to old age' his decline would have been inevitable.
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    Aww how lovely...we have a lady nearby and her dog has had a new hip..it cost her a fortune but she is so pleased with the results..if only one AF and a supplement would work for us..wonder what the difference is..apart from 4 legs that is.. :lol: x
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    I agree I wish I was your dog as well! A pill and your back to how you where before the Arthritis! And having a kind loving owner on top of that, what a blessed life he has. I would swap lives with he at the drop of a hat!!