Stress & arthritis

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Hi all, hope you are well?

How does stress effect arthritis ? I'm having a super bad time at the moment.
Both home and work are stressful, physically and mentally demanding ! My body is screaming st me to stop! I'm not sleeping and in major pain ! Which is mentally adding to my pressure!

I'm a teacher so only 2 more getups before the summer break but then my 15 year old is having 5 friends to pool party and sleepover on Friday night! - all I want to do is take 2 amitriptyline and go to bed :splash:

:roll: xxx


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    The effects of stress are so well-documented they don't bear questioning. It can even be a potential cause of RA. . In my own case, I had 'rheumatic fever' just before my 11+ exam, I was diagnosed with RA during my O-level course, and I then had flares at A-levels and university finals then after the births of both my sons. QED as far as I'm concerned.

    There are ways of combating stress and it's worth exploring them but the easiest way – though it doesn't seem like it at the time – is learning to say 'no' and avoid it. In the long run you'll achieve far more,
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    Its not only stress that can effect your arthritis hubby and I are going on holiday soon its taken me over two years to save up for it and now with only 10days to go I'm super excited my lupus has started breaking out on my skin my joints are aching but that could be the ra as well and the fact that I'm due to inject humira on monday,I hope things calm down for you and you can enjoy the pool party. Hugs Mig
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    its a big yes form me..
    Many years ago now we had awful family probs, to put it lightly..
    And just after.. my joints stated to be painful..I had been going to the gym for many years and was quite fit..its was downhill from there Im afraid..your body does not cope well with stress..I now have a cd of relaxation and put it on most nights..hopefully the pool party will go ok..stay calm and maybe lock yourself away in another room with some soothing music....hope you can make the most of your rest...
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    Any form of stress affects arthritis and, likewise, aggravated arthritis increases stress. OA is more manageable in some ways because we can control our activities to avoid making things worse: learning to do so, however, is not easy. DD
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    For me stress does make the arthritis worse. Wish I could add more but seems everyone else has covered it nicely.
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    I need a magic wand!

    Barbara, I too was quite fit - following my cortisone injections a few months ago, I got all cocky and went on long walks and pushed my body whilst I could!. Seem the cortisone holiday has come to an end! Big style !

    I've even started snapping at people. Which isn't me at all. Desperately need the summer!!

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    Well..... On Saturday morning my body gave in. I couldn't get out if bed! Everything hurt and ached ! - spent the day dosed up in my pjs taking fairy steps! Ending up calling my parents to come and look after me!!

    The good news is I've done little bits each day including lots of rest and gradually my body is becoming my own again ! Need to find a way to avoid repeating that situation again.

    Thanks all xx
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    I'm dealing with stress at the moment with all that's going on over my ankle tumour and waiting for this damn Oncologist to come back from holiday before he can see me!! Talking to his Secretary it sounds like all hell is breaking out in the NHS with Consultants and nurses jumping ship! The stress is effecting my left knee and Shoulder, back and hips. I'm not sleeping well and I'm literally late afternoon/early evening fighting to keep my eyes open. I'm also not eating much my OH is on the verge of spoon feeding me! And I'm have toilet trouble. To be honest I'm a mess!!
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    My job can be at times pretty stressful, and when I am my OA can flare up, moving around does help but once im out of work for the day things get better.
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    I'm on my jollies at our static caravan - the sun is shining, glass in hand, family around xx the stress has disappeared!! X will send PMA thoughts all your way xxxx