Rheumatoid factor question

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hi all this is a question for my daughter she had various blood test when she went for results dr said all the tests were normal but she had some doubt about the rheumatoid factor one she gave daughter a figure but my daughter says she doesn't know if this is high or not so I said id ask if anyone could help with what is the normal level Rheumatoid factor please.
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    Not particularly helpful is it to give a figure but not explain the meaning of it?

    As I understand it the normal range of Rheumatoid Factor level varies depending on how each laboratory conducts the test but, broadly speaking, a normal range is from 0.0 to 14.0.

    I think your daughter should go back to her doc and have a chat about this if she's worried.
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    Sorry I cant help Carol..but I see the mod has given you some info..I do hope your daughter hasn't got RA..fingers crossed..x
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    Thank you all for your replies I have passed this info over to my daughter. apparently she has an appointment also for hospital cos she is suspected to have carpel tunnel syndrome so she will have see dr soon after that for results of that.
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