The whistle seems to have worked

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And so it does we haven't had the "something wrong with your computer" phone call since I blew the whistle down the phone which was 15th august,it sits at the side of the phone quite forlorn as its only been used once,it cost £1.49 from a****n money well spent.Mig


  • frogmorton
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    Yay!!!! Well done you mig :cheers:
  • barbara12
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    Brilliant idea MIg and so glad it did the job...hope they have headache :lol:
  • stickywicket
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    OOOh Mig, your are naughty but I like you :D
  • daffy2
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    I hope it had some method of limiting the noise sent down the line. However annoying the nuisance calls, believe me you wouldn't want to inflict acoustic shock on any one.
  • mig
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    No you're right Daffy I wouldn't want to inflict lasting damage on anyone but I and my oh have had enough to contend with without 3-4 of these calls a day from early morning till late at night so I don't regret what I did and would do it again without hesitation. Mig
  • Airwave!
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    These calls do take the biscuit, I had one and I said something and put the phone down, they rang back and asked why I did it, so, I did it again and.... they rang back again, so...... I did it again, this time they got the hint.

    This is my phone, its for my use not thieves and scammers.