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I saw a short report that uber gp's appointments are to be wheeled out nationally after a trial in London. Costing between £50-£70 and to be carried out by gp's in their off duty hours, no appointments necessary.

I find it hard to believe that many doctors will have enough hours to do these extra hours,........ oh I see, cut their NHS hours to 40 (at £115,000 per annum) then do another 20 @£50 per hour (I'm sure they can offset the tax somewhere)? So NHS surgery appointments will be reduced, we'll all need to be seen and all of a sudden we have cash in our pockets to pay for medical attention? or am I seeing this wrongly?

Come on, who's winding me up?


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    You can certainly see what is on the horizon , it started with the dentist..I really do fear for the future of the NHS but Im afraid they want it gone ... :x
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    Sorry, my maths wasn't very good there, should have been £50 every three minutes, well thats how long we usually get for an appointment?
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    I haven't seen this but when we were away I saw a telly ad for internet prescriptions. It ran along the lines of submit your request and the reason why the meds were needed, then one of their docs would have a look, consider and then let you know if the request was granted. I think that's a service I won't be using. DD