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Got a booklet with breathing excercsises and what to do if I think I'm starting an infection,my physio will be a very nice young man called Tom who actually went to the consultant to ask what do I do about humira injections should I get an infection we were told I could carry on with them,my rheumatologist is aware of my diagnosis ,I have to go back in 3 months time but I can call them if I need to.Oh and make sure I have bloods done every 3 months.

Please forgive any spelling mistakes I have some how turned spell checker off.Mig


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    What a good appointment mig :) I rather like the sound of Tom ;)

    Also I didn't notice any spelling mistakes :)


    Toni xxx
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    That sounds really good, Mig, very thorough. Tom sounds nice!

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    Excellent. And well done, Tom, for not being afraid to ask. Such people give me confidence.

    Breathing used to be so simple, didn't it?

    (I don't think you need the spellchecker :wink: )
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    Glad the appointment went well, with the physio taking time to go that extra mile and make sure all bases were covered. :) XX Aidan
    XX Aidan (still known as Bubbles).
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    It sounds as though you have had some good advice there - wasn't he a thorough young man? I suspect you have taught him something too, if he meets another auto-immune he will know what to advise.

    If my breathing is up the spout due to pollens etc. I carry on as usual with the humira and inhalers but if I have an infection I miss a humira dose and always have done on the advice of my hospital. Keep up the handwashing! DD
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    Mig I am pleased you have a good physio they are worth there weight in gold..and I hope that infection clears up very soon...good that your Rheumy has been informed and they are all working keep us updated..x