Yes I can, the paralympic motto and me

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Just in case anyone is interested I wrote a new blog post this morning about my, very, personal response to this.
Here's the link


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    A very thoughtful - and thought-provoking piece, Slosh. I enjoyed reading it, and I certainly 'get' the point you make.
  • Slosh
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    Thank you
  • Turbogran
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    just read your blog Slosh and it was very interesting, and felt as if I was reading about me and my own feelings on my own situation in many places. :)
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    Slosh, I thought you explained things extremely clearly. This would be most thought-provoking to show people who have no idea how much of a challenge living with any restrictions can be!

    And your jewellery looks beautiful by the way! You should be extremely proud that you can produce such wonderful bespoke items.

  • Slosh
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    Thank you GraceB, something just "clicked" (not physically ), on Saturday , and it was something I just had to write down.

    Thanks as well for the compliments on my jewellery.
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    Slosh that is so lovely, you are seeing what is important in life and its not always being able to do what we used to...I am a great believer in writing the positives down and reading them when needed..and I adore the jewellery...x
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    Lovely blog Slosh.

    I enjoyed watching the last leg and many of the sports. I particularly loved the tennis. I didn't see any gymnastics yet am aware of several high performing gymnasts with downs syndrome or amputations. They are amazing to watch.

    My Daughter has just moved to E17 and I saw the market listed when checking out her flat.

    ps; love the fuschia's

    Elizabeth x