Eastenders episode 26/09/2016

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Did anyone else see EastEnders last night? In the episode Kim Fox got a letter telling her she had been given a fine for parking on double red lines. So she decided to nick her Sister-in-laws Blue Badge to use for parking!!
This story enraged me because in the episode it didn't mention you would get a fine if caught so really it's showing people if your not disabled you can just use a blue badge! As if it's not a nightmare anyway trying to find a disabled parking space!
I sent the BBC a tweet about how angry I am about that storyline. :x :x :x


  • Kitty
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    I'm hoping for a future episode where Kim gets her come uppance. :? :x

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    Her husband made her give it back tonight in the market in front of everyone. Even found out she hadn't even past her test. Didn't seem if anything else will be done about it though.
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    Too right!!!

    She didn't get away with it then. Other people's opinion of you is important so the character was shamed for the benefit of the viewing public.

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    Glad they did an episode where Kim was made to admit she had nicked the and used the Blue Badge for convenience of parking in front of the busy market but I still believe she should have been caught by the police and fined to show what happens if you use one illegally. I'm glad so many people weren't happy about it like me!
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    This storyline is synonomous with what is going on in our society, lawlessness that is now seen as part of our everyday lives and little backup from our government who allows it to happen.

    See my post about takeaways.