New different aches

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Having a bit of a rough time at the moment , different pain /aches not really sure what to call it , good knee thats my own by the way sharp stabbing pain into the knee when just laying in bed , fingers locking when using a knife , and fiddling in purse for coins and getting painful , plan on seeing dr but dont like the feelings at all .


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    Hi Berty
    sorry to hear you are having it tough. Although we are used to pain, when we get new one to add to them it makes things much harder. I hope that things ease for you soon, and that if you need to the GP can help. Take care x
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    Oh dear not good May :? .

    I think a trip to the Doc is in order for you. Let's hope the hands are sort-out-able. My ex MIL used to get fingers doing that and steroid jabs did the job. She's had about 3 lots so far.

    Most of all I really hope 'Good' Knee is not in trouble.

    Best to find out though ((()))

    Toni xxx
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    Arthritis, the gift that keeps on giving :roll:

    I'm sorry you have new bits joining in, bertyboy. You don't suppose the new scooter is a factor, do you? When we suddenly use bits of us that don't normally get much of a workout I find these things can happen. Maybe a few strengthening exercises for the affected bits?
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    Thanks for the reply's thankfully things have settled down abit , putting it down to strange bed , standing on the football pitch in the brrrrrrrrrrr cold weather . watching the youngest tiddler natural talent they reckon , and too much traveling . I am not one for taking pills other than the omzerperole (sp)and naproxine , but have Tramadol for the tough times , for me it works hit the sack last night and slept for 10 hours straight the first time in a long time , feeling a bit zonked out now but it will fade hopefully , my point is can to many pills do more harm than good by just masking the issues .
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    I'm pleased things have eased up for you bertyboy.

    I remember the days of watching football every week on cold, wet pitches. Wherever possible I stayed in the car and watched from there. A garden chair might help the knees, if that's not possible, or maybe your new scooter.

    I agree with you about not taking unnecessary pills. The more we take the more likely are interactions and side-effects. It simply boils down to what's necessary and what isn't. I take my DMARDS for my RA because they are essential but I always see pain relief as an option. Masking the symptoms is usually a bad thing but, as I recall, yours is OA so to me, masking the symptoms of my OA, before I had new knees and hips, was always a very good thing. It was going to go its own sweet way whatever I did. I still kept the pain relief to a minimum but, obviously, the term 'minimum' altered in value.
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    I think Sticky makes a good point about the use of the scooter, it doesn't take much to upset our creaky and fragile bodies.

    As for pain relief I take a little and often, I regard them as essential and that way I still have the big guns in reserve for the truly rough times. My usual is four cocodamol per day, they are 30/500s.

    I hope things begin to ease soon. DD