Amiltryptaline- blimey that worked

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Have been in terrible pain and the cocodamol 30/500 wasn't touching it. Yesterday after no sleep for weeks and just not knowing what to do the doctor prescribed me morphine and amiltryptaline.

I forwent the morphine and just took my cocodamol and the amiltryptaline...and wow I went to sleep. Admittedly I could still sleep now 24 hours later as I take it again so the grogginess isn't great and I couldn't take them on a work day had a dramatic effect on the pain. I didn't even need to take any painkillers until tonight. I almost feel normal. It's amazing what a night's sleep can do even if it isn't artificially induced. But I'm quite amazed by the reduction in pain. I think it has also slowed me down a little which is probably a good thing as normally apparently I'm like a human


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    Fabulous Paleogirl I take it too :)

    First day I didn't wake up until 2pm!!

    I take it NO later than 8pm and sleep for 10-11 the following day is now fine for me anyway :) Only took about a week for me to adjust to it.

    Finally a medication which has helped you :) I am really pleased for you ((()))


    Toni xxx
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    that's good to hear paleogirl. I am another who takes it regularly, not a very high dose at present. It does help with neuropathic pain and pain in legs, knees etc. I am not one to go sleepy with many drugs, but I do know they help. The Rheumy wanted to start me on 200mg
    errrrr, no, let's try 75 to start thank you. Always leave room for reserves in the future.
    XX Aidan
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    I take 25mg Nortriptyline, Paleogirl, which is a sister drug to Amitriptyline. It certainly helps with pain and restless legs. It also, usually, gives me a good night's sleep, which, as you have said, can make all the difference to the day.

    I take mine at 6pm and was told by a rheumatologist to always take it 12 hours before you want to get up. Works for me and I'm pleased that it's made such a difference to you!

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    I'm another that takes the amys at night..dont worry you do soon get used to them and you wont feel sleepy in a morning..