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Went to my physio appointment at my local hospital today, no issues checking in (always nice), as I got there nice and early.

Only had to wait 5 minutes over my appointment time, got called in by the physio and had a brief assesment where I was asked about my symptoms, any aches/pains etc, what causes my arthritis to flare up(you can imagine this was a long list). The phsyiotherapist then tested my knee movement, and the overall muscle strength in both my legs (my previous physio 2 and a bit years ago found some slight muscle degredation in my quads).

Im now been referred to a OA knee group (which I found about myslef and asked my GP to refer my, but had to be referred via the hospital physio department), which also includes hydrotherapy, and this will be for 6 weeks starting on the 9th of January.

I have never known such a quick timeframe from inital GP referral to starting my treatment.


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    Well that sounded excellent care all round :)

    I am impressed.

    I hope you find the knee group helpful and the hydrotherapy too.

    Best wishes

    Toni x
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    That sounds very good. Please let us know how / if the physio helps.
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    Dont you just appreciate the NHS when all comes together..I hope the hydro makes a difference..must say we are the same her in the north west we dont wait long for appointments and when there are seen quite soon..long may it continue..

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