Is soft cheese a no no

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Doing some shopping with my daughter we were looking at goats cheese and Brie and soft cheeses like that when she asked should I be eating them being on humira so ladies and gentlemen over to you,somethings I am careful about eating but I'm not sure about the cheeses. Mig


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    I don't take humira but I think your daughter's right. (Annoying, isn't it :wink: ) Soft cheeses are a potential source of listeria. I think anyone with a compromised immune system is supposed to avoid them though I confess, as I don't eat much cheese anyway, I do, occasionally have some goats' cheese.
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    Sadly yes, your daughter was right and it's not only soft cheese, pates should also be avoided. DD
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    Eating moderate amounts has not caused me any side effects,
    nor problems of any sort.
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    Isn't it cheeses made from raw milk that are the problem (and other raw milk products), as pasteurisation kills listeria bugs?
    Although having said that many years ago there was an outbreak of cases traced to a dairy where the bugs got in after heat treatment due to inadequate cleaning of the bottle filling line....