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I've had a letter come through saying I'm to attend "Joint School" on 11th January at the hospital which will be doing my knee replacement. I'm open minded about attending this as, having had one knee replacement already, I have a good idea what is to come, however, I take the view you can always learn something new.

Someone I know who had a hip replacement, went to Joint School one day, she had her pre-op the following day and the surgery was the following week (same hospital). If it's the same for me, all being well I'll have had my knee replacement by end of January. (Don't think it'll be much beyond that as the 18 week NHS referral to treatment to pathway is up before 11th January in any event).

I'll have to make sure I sit up straight and pay attention. I suspect I'll be the one sitting there with a notebook and pen as I always take the view it's best to take notes.

I now anticipate getting the pre-op date and surgery date letters. Makes it all real getting this letter; I know I need this doing but as you know I find the thought daunting as I'm on my own with this surgery and it's going to be a struggle. However, it needs to be done and so therefore it'll be a case of getting on with it.



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    I know nothing about having new knees but this sounds like a good idea to me: as you say you can always learn something new, yes? I have no idea if this kind of thing is run elsewhere in the country but I hope it helps you. DD
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    Didn't this come up in one of the 'daft' threads when either you DD or Sticky suggested a DIY approach to matters surgical and one of the group also went to joint school so was able to bring his skills to bear?
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    Hoe it goes well, Grace. There's always something new to learn even for us old hands.

    Daffy - yes, it was prefabkid who was offering his services as a joiner. He didn't seem too keen on operating on himself though :wink:
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    Now I have heard of this before Grace....not sure where though.... :?

    Might have been MIL for her THR...

    Ah well. I think the idea was to prepare you for surgery exercise you can do to prepare for the op, what to expect etc. She was on a 'super-fast discharge' scheme where she was supposed to be discharged home within 3 days.

    You are right to be open-minded as you are. We can all learn something new can't we and things change.

    Best of luck and I hope you'll tell us all about it after 11th January.


    Toni xxx

    Ps - how's your neck?
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    Thanks for your replies. Yes, we can always learn something new.

    Was it Airwave who had a THR recently (and also in my area of Kent) who went to Joint School? With everything that's been going on in my life recently I can't remember. :oops:


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