fings is appening

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Yes, magnolia is just a day or two away from blooming, first time in 16 years, grandson has trodden grannies daffs down (everyone keep your heads down!). Sparrows are in the forsythe arch for the last six weeks, no nest yet, oh and rose is budding? and more daylight, yeahhhhhhh!

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  • frogmorton
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    Daffs are up here too Airwave, (poor Granny :( ), buds appearing right left and centre - YIPPEE!!!!
  • barbara12
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    No daffs here but the magnolia tree next door has large buds on it..hope it doesn't get damaged with frost...
  • rondetto
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    The buds are showing through on my trellis, daffs are showing through too. Too early surely.
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    I haven't see any daffs yet, in fact the whole garden looks tired and sad but I hope that will soon change.

    It's still too dark for me. I'm sending my youngest off to school in the dark, which I hate, and my Son returns in the dark with the added problem of tube strikes.

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    The leaves on the bulbs are showing, my star magnolia has had fat furry buds since November but no action yet and we had a beautiful pink rose in full bloom on Christmas Day.

    The birds, however? Oh yeah, without a doubt fings is 'appening on that front! DD
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