Where have the years gone !!!!!!!!!

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today is my birthday cannot believe I am 69 the biggie next year. where have those years gone. mind you I still remember when our eldest daughter was born in 1971 couldn't believe I was a mum :o and here I am in 2017 as a mum to 2 a nan to 3 and a great nan to 2 we are the ever increasing family :lol::lol:


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    Enjoy your day. As for where have all the years gone, well thats what they do, they go and don't slow down for anyone or thing! I could say something like 'we are in a fast expanding space/time continum which has accelerated our concept of where time is and is more relative to our lives i.e. we're getting old and notice it more'.

    This would be humerous if I wasn't just behind you.........

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    Many happy return of the day Carol. It's my 70th in a few weeks time and in my mind I am 26, in body more like 126. But we are still here and that's what is important.

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    Happy birthday Carol
    best wishes
    ChrisK and all the mods.
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    Time does indeed fly, this year its my mums 60th and her mums (my Grandma) 90th!
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    Sorry this is late Carol but a very HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY...time does fly ..its seems to start after 50..my OH is 70 this year..now Im a baby at 67... :lol:
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    If you find where they went let me know cos I want mine back,big 70 for me this year. Oh POO.

    Forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY Thats age for you. :cake:
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    Belated Happy Birthday, Carol.

    I've just realised we'll have been married 50 years next year :o The trouble is, our heads are always several years behind our bodies :lol:

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