Humira and dental problems.

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I am taking Humira and wondered if anybody else has had any problems with their teeth/gums? I have recently been troubled with sore and bleeding gums which is not something that I have experienced in the past. I have a dental appointment tomorrow and I am also worried as I am sure that I have read somewhere about possibly having to temporarily come off Humira if you have invasive procedures.... What are considered to be invasive? Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks.


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    I don't think humira or other DMARDS / biologics actually cause bleeding gums but I think they might well make healing more difficult if you have them.

    Whether or not to stop meds is an individual thing. Several years ago I had to come off methotrexate for weeks before a THR but a few years later the same surgeon told me they now reckoned it didn't make much difference. It didn't make any to me. I was fine.

    I know at least one of our members has been told she must have antibiotics even after seeing the hygienist, because of the meds but I've never had antibiotics for dentistry apart from one difficult extraction

    Do you use an electric toothbrush? My hands are rubbish with an ordinary one but the electric ones do a great job and really help to prevent dental and gum problems..
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    Thank you for your reply, stickywicket. I think you are right about the healing... maybe that is why they are still causing me problems. I will also try an electric toothbrush. Thank you.
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    Just wanted to agree with electric toothbrush is a real bonus when your hands are rubbish. From previous experience a salt mouth wash also helps with sore gums (a dentist advised me to use one years ago and I've resorted to them a few times when I've had a problem). Hope you get some good advice from the visits definitely rank as my least favourite medical type experience :oops: .

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    I've been using an electric toothbrush for years now, plus regularly using an interdental brush and toothpick. I don't have good teeth (never had) but so far so good in terms of needing less dental work. My gums do occasionally bleed but that may be due to my being somewhat overenthusiastic with brush pressure.

    There can be a huge temptation for us auto-immuners to blame every new health setback on the meds but, sometimes, crud happens. DD
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    You should read the information, advice and
    instructions on the humira leaflet and do as it says.
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    Many thanks for all of your replies.