Enbrel ......stings like fire

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Good Afternoon All
Just thought I would let you know I tried all suggestions to try to stop or ease stinging like hell fire when I inject this. None worked so today I phoned Health Care At Home who deliver my injections and they were very nice. I spoke with a pharmacist who took notes and said and said she will pass all the information to supplier of Enbrel and I asked her to let me know if there had been any change in meds or injection. She said she was not aware of any but would look into it. I explained that I had been injecting this for a good few months now and only recently experienced very bad stinging and burning. I am now at the stage where I am dreading my next injection.

If I get any info I will let you know.

Only one change has taken place with the pen. At the beginning I had to press pen down firmly on site and it clicked I had to wait for second click and then remove as long as the window colour changed to purple. No stinging. I was sent new injects saying there will be no second click just endure window has changed colour. Stings like hell fire !


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    I'm sorry I can't help, valde, but I think you've adopted the best plan all by yourself. I hope it can be sorted. Quickly.
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    Oh dear, I wonder if they have changed the constituents somehow? I hope you can find an answer and soon, I am sorry that everything we suggested hasn't helped. It's a weekly injection, isn't it? That must make it harder.

    A friend (who is a retired rheumatology nurse) would happily administer methotrexate to patient after patient but it would take her up to two hours to psych herself up to do her own. DD