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I have just been diagnosed with severe oestoarthris in my neck. I am in so much pain and have been for many months. Following an x ray I have been told that four discs are no more and three vertebrae have crumbled. The only help I have received from my Doctor is increase the medication and learn to live with it. I am struggling to " learn to live with it" does this mean that for the rest of my life I will have to endure this agony? The nights are the worst. Cannot get any relief from the pain at all. Can't wait for the morning to arrive but then I hurt even worse then. Trying to find a support group locally but haven't been successful so far. To me, at this moment, the future is very bleak. Can anyone help me come to terms with this? I am desperate and would welcome any help / advice. Thanks in anticipation.


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    Hello, I have OA in other places but not my neck. I can, however, empathise with the pain because I hold myself very stiffly thanks to pain everywhere else, so my neck does protest from time-to-time, my shoulders and jaw too.

    To a certain extent your GP is quite correct, the 'treatment' for OA is pain relief, possibly an anti-inflammatory medication and gentle exercise to help preserve the range of movement but given the severity of your condition I am surprised that you have not been referred to an orthopaedic surgeon. Some on here have had neck surgery and I hope they spot your post.

    I have been living with arthritis for over twenty years, I have two kinds and around forty affected joints. One of the better investments I have made was in buying a Tempur pillow, I had tried other memory foam ones but this is by far and away the best. Pain is a fact of our lives and hard to live with, it's frightening, affects our ability to concentrate, makes our bodies work harder, makes us tired (and not only because our sleep is affected / interrupted, it affects all areas of our lives - we know how tough it can be. DD
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    I noticed you are looking for local support?


    Pop your post code in and it will show all local support to you.

    I have replied on your other thread, (with Jennifer in a similar position), and added further links there which might help.

    One on Cervical spondylosis (OA of the neck):


    and one on neck pain:


    I suffer with Cervical spondylosis myself, so you definitely have my sympathy. When mine is playing up I use a warm wheat-bag, painkillers and anti-inflammatories and makes sure I do not do anything for too long. I lie-down in the day time as well as at night.

    Best wishes.


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