Off to the Sun!!

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Hi Guys, Just wanted to drop by before I go to Egypt, I've been resting up and trying to get my mojo back before I go. My wonderful OH took me Bed shopping to see if it might be the bed causing some of my tiredness and after feeling like Goldilocks I found a bed that felt great and it was a firm Orthopaedic bed so he brought me my own new double bed!! And I have slept through the night since getting it!!
Well I'm off to the sun next week! And wanted to wish you all a happy Easter and don't eat to many Easter eggs! See you all in a couple weeks. :sun:


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    You're just going and I'm just back :D

    I hope you have as good a time as I did though not, I guess, as much baseball :wink:

    I can't remember whether or not you're on meth but, if so, remember to keep out of that sun.

    And enjoy it all.

    (Great news about the bed. They are so important.)
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    Have an amazing time, and enjoy some warmth.....but I echo SW's sunscreen thoughts. I'll be flying out to Gran Canaria a week on Monday with m y daughter and am really hoping some sunshine will help the joints.

    Welcome back SW.

    Deb xx
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    Hi Thanks guys! Not on Meth yet no, Doc suggested I try meds that help with my Fibro 1st and see if that makes any difference. He is a little unsure on trying me on Meth at the moment. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with my Anaemia.
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    Have a wondeful time but be preparedfor the heat! I went on a Nile cruise about 10 years ago at Easter (and an early Easter) and it was amazing how hot it was already. My daughter and I were very careful to follow all the advice about eating and drinking safely and while it was a nuisance at times well worth it as we had no stomach problems. As well as sun cream a hat/scarf to cover up with are useful and always carry a bottle of water.