Had my appointment with rheumy

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Hello all,I have had my yearly review with my rheumatologist everything looks good just my liver count is slightly raised so instead of 1 year she wants to see me in 6months,she was also pleased that I have lost weight,five and a half lb to 2 stone,but warned me not to lose too much.Next month I see the physio chest man if everything is ok then they will discharge me but with the option to call if I need to,loosing weight has helped my breathing too.
Love to one and all. Mig


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    Glad to hear you had such a positive rheumy appointment, hope your chest clinic one goes well too. Congratulations on the weight loss too. :sun:
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    Hi Mig..so glad to hear the appointment went well, and mostly was ok..you do sound has though you have a good team around you there..and congratulations on the weight loss..not easy...xx
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    That sounds like a very good appointment, mig, but it also sounds as if you've worked very hard to achieve much of your good news so well done you! I hope the liver results improve.
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