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I went for my final x-ray this week, 6 months since I had my hip op. They were well pleased with me. Said if they could do a before and after advert I should be the after! I feel good now. I can walk about 3-4 miles and back to playing badminton, (gently) but I enjoy it. I can't believe how it has changed my life from 12 months ago when I struggled to walk just down the road with a stick.
I say a massive thank you to my consultant and the Sandringham Hospital!


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    That's very good news, well done you! DD
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    That's fantastic and you've obviously worked hard to get where you are. Long may it continue and enjoy those walks.
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    Fabulous news Linda :)

    I am over the moon for you!

    Toni xx
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    Thank you to all. I took part in a sponsored walk in Sandringham in aid of Benjamin Foundation. It was supposed to be 3 miles. We did a little bit more as we seemed to miss the route at one point. I thought we might have bumped into "Phil and Betty" and been invited in for afternoon tea but they must have been out!
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    I am so very pleased for you lindamay..I do love good news and good luck with the sponsored walk.. :)
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    Well done you! You've put in the boring 'miles' of physio and are now able to do the more interesting sort. I'm very pleased for you.