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Hi I was diagnosed with severe OA in my neck and lumbar 7 yrs ago.
Today told its in my ankles, knees, thumbs & hip.
My ankle is giving loads of pain.
I'm only 49 and feel older.
I really want to sort out my diet, stress levels and exercise to prevent it getting worse.
I enjoy cycling and have in the past done some slow running (apparently can't do this anymore).
And does apple cider vinegar work??
Thanks guys sfl0


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    Dear Karlee welcome to Arthritis Care Forums.

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    Hi Karlee you sound a bit like me!!

    I still walk as many days as possible not very fast and maybe not very far, but it helps :)

    As for my diet I try do add healthy food like avocados to my diet and supposedly anti-inflammatory foods like pineapples, but I haven't excluded anything yet because I haven't personally found a link despite trying.

    Apple cider didn't work for me, neither did copper bracelets or glucosamine, but I firmly believe we are all different and if you can afford it easily enough it might help you so wouldn't warn anyone off of trying. It's your choice.

    The other thing I did do was sensible - moving over (slowly) to decaf and ditching sugar in my tea/coffee.

    Anyway please do have a look around the forums and join in wherever you fancy you will be made very welcome :)


    Toni xx