Turned a corner

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As many of you know I have been struggling to live/cope with my OA, and have on many occasions broken down in tears and had a feeling of hopelesness.

But recently I think I am coming to terms with my OA, and talking the first, tentative steps to full acceptance and not letting it win. The reasnn for this is one simple thing - getting a good nights sleep. I've been prescribed amitriptyline to help me at night get sleep, and it's been a godsend, I know get 7-8 hours sleep and wake up feeling refreshed, giving me more energy to cope during the day.

Yes I still get bad days like everyone else, and still on morphine patches and my TENS, and awaiting my referral for an arthroscopy, but my outlook is turning more positive, and I hope to remain like this.

I still have a long journey ahead of me, but with everyone's continuing support, I hope it will be a positive one.



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    Hi Alastair,I started on amtriptaline about 3 months ago just a low dose ,I can't believe how well it works for me I have 7/8 hours sleep a night.Long may it work for you.Mig
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    That's great and thanks for posting a good luck story. Long may it continue.
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    BIG yippee Alastair!!

    I am so pleased for you :D:D

    I always say pain is worse at night when everyone else is awake and that you can cope with most things after a good night's sleep!

    Long may it continue!


    Toni xx
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    Thanks for everyone's replies, I deserve some resbite after what i've been going through.
    Hoperfully this positive attitude will continue, I have found I am more able to get through the day at work better. Yes, I still feel totally worn out when I get home, but i'm able to get over it far sooner.