Strike (TV seties)

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I am enjoying this series but surely if they had tried the BBC could have found an actor who really did have a prosthetic leg rather than use CGI?
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    Marvelous story and Tom Burke is one of our best actors in the country. He plays the title role excellently al la Columbo style.
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    Having read all three Strike novels I am pretty happy that the actors reasonably reflect my images of the characters apart from Strike: Strike doesn't have a hare lip but has unkempt hair. (TB does and doesn't.) The troubles with his falsie is dealt with far better in the books (I felt the aches and pains) but that's no surprise - Rowling was meticulous in her research. DD
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    I've watched it but I can't warm to the main character. As I've not read the book I'm not sure whether this is the character himself or the actor involved. I know we're supposed to believe he lost his leg heroically as a soldier but, as he seems addicted to cigarettes......
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    I loved it, can't wait to see if Silkworm is as good. :D

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