Leg Length Discrepancy

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I have just had my second THR performed by one of the best surgeons. My leg was slightly short on that side and he asked me if he wanted me to correct it and I naturally said yes (it did not effect me). However my leg after surgery is now considerably longer and I am really worrried about this. He didnt say anything to me about it when he came to see me after the op but I noticed it straight away as the ankles dont line up. Has anyone else had this and will it correct itself?? I think it is about an inch and I can feel it when I walk.


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    I haven't had a THR so can't help you, but this post would be so much better on the Living With Arthritis forum as more people look at that forum and lots of people have had THRs

    I don't know whether this 'old thread' will help though:


    Please do let us know how you get on

    Toni xx
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    Hey Krisbe

    Sounds like a terrible thing to happen. If I were you I would definitely get in touch with the surgeon responsible and raise the issue with him.

    I broke my leg when I was younger and one of my legs is slightly shorter than the other. This gives me a slightly awkward gait that I'm hoping nobody notices, and is more difficult to manage at different times.
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    I asked this question when I was going in for my second thr. Because a friend of mine said her second operation made her leg longer than the other. Was told it takes a while for the new hip to settle down. Not sure if this is true because unfortunately my op was cancelled due to ill health. Can't hurt to ask though.babsb