Happy birthday, slomo

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I hope it's going well sdrink
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    Happy Birthday Slomo from the Moderating team :D

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    Happy birthday hope you are having a lovely day. Mig
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    Happy Birthday from me too Slomo :)


    I hope you had a great day :)


    Toni xx
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    Sorry I am late but a HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY slomo I hope you had a lovely day sfl xx
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    I'm sorry this is late but I hope you had a wonderful day.

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    Many thanks for the birthday wishes everyone, sorry I'm so late acknowledging them - slomo indeed!!
    Things have been rather hectic since the end of August when we moved from a three bedroom house in the north east of Scotland to a one bedroom flat near Glasgow. Definitely a stressful time but now we're living near family and friends and the flat is much easier to keep tidy.
    We're now living close enough to our sons for them to be able to visit me on my birthday, it was really great to see them and go out with them and my Dil on my birthday, and it's great knowing that we can now do things like that without it being a two or three day expedition like it used to be. So had a lovely birthday, and thank you for the good wishes.
    I'm now registered with a new GP and hoping all goes smoothly with having a GP in one health board area and my hospital consultant in another. My consultant says he has other patients who are in different health boards so hopefully, all will be well ( will find out on 12/10 when I have a clinic appointment).
    Hope you are all doing OK and many thanks for remembering my birthday ☺ slomo
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    Well done for a smooth house-move Slomo :)

    I am glad to hear it will be easier for you and so much nearer to family too :D I am very pleased you had a good birthday.

    Best of luck with the GP change and hope the health boundaries don't cause too much trouble with your on-going care ((()))


    Toni xx