Does anyone bullet journal?

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It's something I've wanted to do for a year now, but starting is just so daunting!

I really need to track my pain, sleep, tiredness and stiffness.

Does anyone already bullet journal and can give me some advice?


  • Slosh
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    I bullet journal, but mine is nothing like those beautiful, multicoloured affairs you see on pinterest! For a start they would take too much time and effort.
    I started mine in September using ordinary notebooks trying to find what suits me, and now have a "proper" bullet journal ready for Jan first. I don't do any formal tracking but each week I do a double page spread with my list of "must does" for the week on one side with "notes" on the other which usually relates to how I am.
    What I really like about the idea is how you can personalise it to suit yourself, and also being able to keep a lot of information in one place.
    If you want to pm me please do, I have actually been meaning to write a post about how I use mine because I find it so useful (something to add to my list of things to do).
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    This is a useful article about bullet journals.
    When I attended an AC course a few years ago a version of this was used as part of the learning to cope advice.
    As scrapbooking is so popular across the pond I guess that's why some of these journals are so pretty - decorating pages is second nature!
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    Thank you everyone. Slosh, it's really useful to hear about your bujo, thank you. I've made some notes for mine, but still need to work out exactly how I want it to work.

    I think it's a bit of trial and error, for a few months at least.