Bad news on hand sanitisers

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They're no good unless they contain at least 60% alcohol. And at least one of the common ingredients is positively dangerous.

Oh *%~*$*!! What are us auto-immuners supposed to do? Waste a good bottle of whisky :shock:


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    Hand sanitisers have been problematic for quite some time. The ingredients(mostly the alcohol I believe) are skin irritants, and that was why they were taken away when I was working on a fresh food counter and we went back to soap and water. It's also one of the reasons they were taken out of many hospital and other situations(together with the fact they were just not as effective as had been assumed).
    Access to soap and hot water has its limitations(!), and so the whole issue is a real headache for all who need to avoid germy hands. I suspect it's a case of unsatisfactory is better than nothing, but then as with the flu jab there is the problem of false sense of 'security'.
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    I quite agree, daffy. The article did say that soap and water was the best (used correctly) but that that's not always possible. It also said, I believe, that hand sanitisers are least effective when used on dirty hands so I guess small boys are sanitiser proofed.