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Hi could anyone tell me please can I have sedation when on MTX. Is it ok to carry on taking it or do I need to stop before the procedure. Thanks x


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    Sorry not sure I understand the question.

    I have had a number of operations when I have had anesthetic general and local without any issues, since being on methotrexate.
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    Yes, like palo, I'm a bit confused too.

    I'm guessing, given your previous thread, that, owing to the anaemia, your doc has requested either an endoscopy, a colonoscopy or both and that pre-op sedation is what you mean rather than a routinely prescribed med.

    I've had both ops without sedation but I think it's more usual to offer it now. I honestly can't remember what I did re meth but I probably skipped the dose immediately before the procedure(s). Do I assume that you've been told to carry on taking the meth? (I know you were awaiting instructions from your rheumatology helpline.)

    I'm sure you'll be asked to list all meds - prescribed and over-the-counter - and dietary supplements that you take beforehand. You can always ask what their preference is. My rheumatologist and orthopaedic surgeon don't bother much about meth and ops but my bowel surgeon was very keen for me to stay off it for far too many difficult weeks.

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