Royal wedding v Cup final

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Which, if either, is your thing?

Personally, I'm sick of hearing about the wedding. I don't like weddings. I didn't even like my own. I just wanted to be married to Mr SW and a wedding was the only way to do it.

I also gave up on football years ago. Too few skills. Too many primadonnas. Far too much money paid to primadonnas with too few of the aforementioned skills.

I shall be listening to cricket while pottering about with household essential tasks.

What about you?


  • dreamdaisy
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    Apparently it is going to be a lovely day tomorrow so I plan to spend it in the garden, making sure my comfy deck chair does not blow away. :D

    I like weddings but this one leaves me cold, I don't know either party but I suspect that what they mostly have in common is their unplumbed shallows. As for the footy, it's the same old same old, two big teams playing for money, not the prestige. DD
  • bubbles
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    I will have to take a peek at the dress and the jewels I wish them well. Apart from that, it is tennis all the way and maybe a potter in the garden :) m0150 m0150
  • Kitty
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    I watched it, but I didn't enjoy it. It made me cry. :cry: But I hope they have a successful and happy marriage.

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  • elnafinn
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    Wedding! Lovely to watch. I know Windsor well and love it there. Watched it with my nearly 100 year old mum in law! A wonderful occasion. Loved the dress. Loved it all!

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  • barbara12
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    I loved the wedding..and what a glorious day they had.Elna I have never been to Windsor but was saying how lovely it looked.. :D .then I watched the football..I had a bet on it with my friend..and I lost.. :roll:
  • Airwave!
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    Neither is the answer. I spent the whole day away from tv,s, phones etc etc doing something completely different.. I did listen to R4 later but NOT the wedding or football.

    Viva la difference!
  • daffy2
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    I spent much of the day riding on the heritage railway that runs past my garden. A new stretch has been opened so I was able to see my garden and former allotment from the train, instead of the other way round. Trundling slowly through quiet countryside, able to see, hear and smell was a boost to the spirit, and a later than expected return to town justified purchase of fish and chips to go with a beer from the fridge, consumed in the evening sun at home.
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    Oh daffy, may I come and live with you? That sounds wonderful.

    I had a total change of plan in the end. As Mum hadn't to know and Dad had three evening concerts to fine tune (No pun intended) Mr SW and I were delegated to take our grandson to garden centres and the local bookshop to buy Mum some birthday presents for today. We then enjoyed ice creams in the garden and went to the first of the concerts in the evening. Very satisfying. Missed both wedding and cup final :D

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