Its an odd world

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Our head of MI5, our PM and many others are warning of the dangers of a provative Russian state, their state backed hacking of our web sites, their rattling of war sabers, association with state run corruption et al and then our publicly funded media channel starts advertising the FIFA backed football cup to be played in good old Russia, sometimes I get confused which message to hear!

Not that I appreciate an overpaid footballer running around on plastic grass whose every move is just a cheating 'pro' version of a foul.

I think you might take my drift?


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    It's the old diversion tactics I suspect. Suggest that there's a threat from outside the country to distract from the mess being created on home territory.
    Moi, cynical? No, just completely hacked off at present.
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    It's always been an odd world. My husband had the interesting experiences of travelling to the USSR before glasnost and East Berlin before the wall came down.

    The World Cup is about money, not football. DD
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    Everything, sadly, is about money. Hence our government, despite their warnings, are perfectly happy to allow Russian oligarchs to launder their money in England by buying expensive apartments which remain unoccupied.

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