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New member here. I'm in my 60s and live in Lancashire. I don't get out much, so my hobbies are very indoorsy. Two Christmases ago, I started making my own cards. About the same time, I started listening to audiobooks from the local library - mainly murder mysteries. I've just finished one by Stephen Booth - does anyone else in the forum like his novels?
Over 10 years ago, I started learning Spanish, and although I try to practice, I've never reached any degree of fluency, and threaten to pack it in at least once a week.
I'm not very good with computers. I've no idea what "do not automatically parse URLs" means. I hope I haven't already parsed anything.


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    Hi Applepips welcome to the forum,you Don,t say what form of arthritis you have, it would be good if you could give a brief history of what you have. Don,t worry that you have no compute skills everyone will help you we are a friendly forum.
    Hope all goes well for you Christine
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    Hello, it's lovely to meet you and I am sorry you have had to find us. You seem to be keeping yourself busy which is a good way of distracting oneself from the trials and tribulations that arthritis can cause. I have two sorts, I began an auto-immune one in 1997 when I was 37 and that in turn med to osteoarthritis which was diagnosed in 2011. Are you osteo, an auto-immune or both? Whatever the nature of your trouble we will 'get' it because we've got it. I hope to hear from you again soon. DD
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    Thank you for the 2 replies.
    I realised after that I didn't mention my arthritis. It's taken me ages to get back into the forum.
    I've had RA for nearly 40 years. I'm a bit fed-up with it now, it's got boring!
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    Hello again, I am pleased you have managed to return as the forum is a good way to contact others in similar boats. It was interesting that you didn't mention your arthritis, that is how it should be - ignore the beast :wink: but it does help those who reply to know what to say.

    I am a great reader, especially crime novels and would now not be without my Kindle. I recently had to read a real book and it was so clumsy, both hands were occupied, I needed the light on, what a faff! I also like doing jigsaw puzzles and puzzle books. I am now 59, my life has changed greatly thanks to the disease but so what? I make the best of what I have and there is more to be thankful for than distressed about. I realise I am fortunate in that I began at a time when there were meds available, it is holding the worst at bay for the PsA, the OA is more manageable through my own efforts. DD
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    Applepips are you a former member under a new name??

    Completely new or a 'retread' you are very welcome :D

    I listen to audios all the time! so much easier (except if you fall asleep and then you have no idea where you were!!) and also love nasty murder books :D I have not listened to any Stephen booth, but just checked him out and being set in the UK I think I might just like him!

    I also have absolutely no idea how to parse a URL and don't think I ever have done so :shock:

    Anyway welcome back!

    Toni xx

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