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Hi please can anyone give me advice about social housing. I have a 3 bedroom house and live on my own and on May this year learned I have RA in my wrists and knees. Got my first steriod shots and feeling ok but I know this will wear of soon. So my social housing land lord rep is paying me a visit as I have asked for a transfer to a ground floor apartment or bungalow as I could not handle a stair case. Thing is Im ok at the moment with no swollen knees and know another flare up will arrive in the future. The first one was so bad I could not walk properly for 2 months and was doped up on tomadol. So how do I convince her I need this housing change as I hear they are a hard group to see compassion.
Any advice will be very welcome.

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    That sounds quite scary, Frank, and I can understand your fear of being judged when you're on a good day by someone with no understanding of how steroids work.

    I can only think that maybe Citizens Advice might be able to suggest a few pointers. And / or our own Helpline team here. I would imagine a letter from your GP explaining the fluctuating nature of your arthritis and how bad it can be would be an asset too. Good luck!
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    I am sorry, what a worry but I think you are doing the right thing in trying to prepare for the future. We are owner/occupiers, our first home was a three storeyed Victorian mid-terrace and our bedroom moved from the top floor to the first as I worsened. The stairs were too steep and narrow for a lift so finally we moved: disability is an expensive business.

    My husband worked in social housing and he said various associations have differing policies and approaches. I hope yours is empathetic and can help in due course, the fact you are wishing to move to a smaller property may well work in your favour. Good luck. DD
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    About the housing, a lift might be available elsewhere, can you get out the front doors, will there be a space for your car, scooter and charging points. Can you get to the shops, docs, post office, the list could go on.

    On a good day we can all do many more things, its the bad days we prepare for.
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    I was in a 3 bed house on my own and was struggling due to osteo and was desperate to downsize to an adapted property ie wet room and ground floor. I had to get a letter from my gp as proof I had osteo ( it cost me £15) before I could go on the transfer list. It took nearly 5 years before a suitable property came up for me.

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