What will you do?

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I think most of you, like me, will look on Christmas with mixed feelings. Yes, it's lovely to catch up with family and friends but our arthritic bodies will be the party poopers putting something of a damper on most gatherings. Will you miss any social occasions this Christmas because of pain and fatigue or will you carry on and accept the payback?

(a) I'll aim to get to everything and take what comes in payback

(b) I'll aim to get to everything but might have to miss the odd one.

(c) I have already planned what I can and can't do but I realise my plans might have to change.

(d) I'll manage Christmas dinner but not much else.

(e) Pain and fatigue will mean I miss social gatherings at Christmas altogether.


  • danm2010
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    I’m planning on less visits to family and trying to get them to see me - except elderly family members.

    Fatigue is only affect me the day after metho so I’m lucky so far.

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    Ooooh that's a tricky one, it's horses for courses isn't it? We have no family demands so can please ourselves: we won't be seeing friends who do have family demands - it's luxurious sitting back and listening to the moans about Christmas diplomacy, something we do not miss. I'll do what I can - the world won't end if I can't manage some things and the majority of the preparation is done: if the arthritis goes agin me it will be disappointing but no more than that. DD
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    We are at home this christmas but going out for lunch to the local carvery we go there about once a month and it suits us all.Not buying turkey but I have brought a gammon joint that will do us for a few days.
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    I miss rolling around on the floor with the gc, I'm a kid at hezrt, a sebse of the ridiculous.

    Apart from xmas and boxing day it will be wuiet.
  • GraceB
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    I'll be doing what I can. Thanks for the poll SW - I think you have summed up the options for us all extremely well! :lol:

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    Thank you all for doing the poll and confirming my view that we may be arthritic but we are a forum of'doers' and 'achievers' :D