Happy birthday DD

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Today is our very own DDs birthday a special weekend in the DD household as Mr DD has his birthday tomorrow.I wish them both a fabulous weekend. t4591 t69044 m0150 Mig


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    Happy Birthday to Dreamdaisy!!


    Lots of love from

    Toni xx
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    Have a great today, tomorrow and a good year too!

    Yvonne and the mod team xx
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DD hope you have a lovely day... t69044 xx
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    Hace a wonderful Birthday - Many ((())) and Sparkles t4591 t115006 t115006 XX Aidan
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    Hope you had a memorable weekend!
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    Happy Birthday DD and Mr DD
    . have a good time both of you
    . Joann xx t69044
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    Oh my word, thank you everyone! I had an amazing week-end, Saturday ended up being twenty hours in duration, an emotional and fun-packed lengthy day and definitely one of the best of my sixty years. If I knew how to upload a picture I would and you could play 'Which one is DD?'. Actually, I wish I could, it would be interesting to see who you think I am! :lol:

    Some of you may remember that I inherited an eight foot long grand piano, made in London in 1803 by Erard. She was destined for the council tip until I met a marvellous man who took her away and used her various veneers to make the most wonderful pens. I kept the nameplate and the music stand, complete with candleabra (sp?) slides - it is this part that my husband had framed for my birthday. It looks incredible, now to find the right wall in the right room . . . I had some terrific presents from my closest friends and feel very humbled by their love and generosity. Yesterday was a very quiet one, my lovely man slept for a large portion of his special day . . . . DD