Earth Hour 2019

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This year sees the 12th anniversary of Earth Hour, uniting people all over the world to protect the planet. Earth Hour is a registered charity organised by WWF.

From 8.30 pm local time tonight lights will be switched off for one hour. Iconic structures such as Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Empire State Building, The Eiffel Tower and Edinburgh Castle will all be darkened in turn.

No doubt you won't hear about this on the TV as turkeys don't vote for Christmas but, if you can bear to skip your favourite programme, texting, using the internet etc, a spot of quiet reading - or even talking to each other :o - would harm no-one. However, for safety's sake, have a light on. Just the one :wink:
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    My electricity supplier will donate £5 if I reduce my electricity use by at least 50% during that hour.
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    I wasn't aware of that, Sticky, but inadvertently we supported it by settling down to sleep at 8pm (in fairness to us our day was sixteen hours long by then). DD
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    I like the idea, a financial incentive always appeals.