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I have just joined the forum :D I am 60, divorced and living alone with my cat in the far West of Cornwall. I have Degenerative Facet Joint Disease and am riddled with Osteoarthritis which is especially bad in my hands and neck (I have a few other problems too). I use crutches around my bungalow and an electric wheelchair, neck and hand braces when out and about. I have a Motability car and a mobility scooter for going to the village shop. Copious quantities of Morphine keep me going as well as helping a Military Veterans charity which I help to raise funds for when I can and I also volunteer as a Welfare Officer for the Charity which I find incredibly rewarding. As a Veteran myself it is shocking to see how many former colleagues need a helping hand, I consider myself one of the fortunate ones so try to do my best. It is also shocking to see how many genuinely disabled people need a hand as well. I am not afraid to challenge any organisation to get us what we need/deserve. I have trouble putting on and taking off coats and jackets now as it is difficult to get my arms far enough behind my back, I have devised something to help and once I have taken some photos I will put it on the forum in the hope that it may help others.
Enough waffle for now.


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    Hi Mike1
    Welcome to the forum lovely to hear from you. Everyone on the forum is friendly and understanding and will try and help in any way to make you feel part of the forum the most popular forums are Living with Arthritis and Chit Chat.
    Hope all goes well Christine
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    Hi Mike. You sound to be making a very good fist of living with arthritis and, indeed, using your own misfortunes to help others. That, I reckon, is one of the best forms of pain relief.

    I don't do morphine. I was, briefly, on oxycodone when a bit of hip replacement cement dropped off and lodged somewhere it shouldn't be but I got off it when the cement moved on / dissolved and I'm pleased to say I'm now back to just a couple of low dose co-codamol at night and staying awake during the day :D

    I, too, struggle with coats and jackets so I'd be interested to hear how you get on if you're planning to patent your device. My solution is to always have one coat / jacket with a slidey lining and a husband to deal with others :wink: I just put one arm in the sleeve (all the way) then swing the rest round my back after ensuring I'm nowhere near ornaments or people 8) My hands haven't been behind my back in years :lol: At one group I used to go to, I'd help a gentleman into his jacket and he'd help me into mine. It was much easier for both of us :lol:

    Please join in anywhere. Living With Arthritis is the most popular forum - for obvious reasons :wink:
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    Hello, it's nice to meet you and I am sorry you have had to find us. I am the same age, happily married, no cat and live in Suffolk. I have psoriatic (since 1997) and osteoarthritis (diagnosed in 2011) but manage to potter on with determination and through gritted teeth.

    Of the two I have I prefer the OA as it is more honest in how it presents, I know it will be aggravated by poor weather and in my being stupid in overdoing things or eating too much acidic food. The inflammation is localised and can be remedied whereas the other is sly, devious and the inflammation affects everything. I've just had a month or so in bed thanks to that one flaring so, although the OA is mucking about, it's nice to feel better in myselfand to be up and about. I manage the OA with rest, distraction and pain relief, which I keep to the minimum so there is room to maneouvre when things are worse.

    I hope you find the forum to be of interest, in some ways it's not the happiest of places but we all get it because we've all got it. DD
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