New walking sticks!

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Got a new pair of walking sticks today. Contoured handles. Previously i had these awful elbow crutches that were a complete disaster as i kept tripping up, they kept falling to the ground and basically they just got in the way of everything. Prior to the elbow crutches i was using one walking stick. But my physio noticed that i was developing a bad posture and my feet were too close together so not surprisingly i was tripping and falling over. I don't have a good sense of balance due to epilepsy drugs anyway. But having the two sticks on either side has made a huge difference. Walking up the road today without the elbow crutches felt like freedom! But the once benefit about the elbow crutches is that i paid more attention to how i was spacing my feet when walking and keeping my back straight so the physio said that the way i was walking looked better. It's just the balance that is the issue. With my arthritic hip just the slightest thing can cause pain and i can lose my balance.
Still waiting to her about my appeal regarding my PIP and ESA!


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    Good news about the new sticks. I am guessing it might take a little time to adjust to new ones? Do let us know how you get on. :)
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    I'm so glad they help. Anything that helps and makes us feel better is surely to be welcomed.
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    I'm the other way round, love the crutches (I've always used two) and feel unsafe with sticks as they do not offer enough support (although I use them indoors from time to time). My first crutches were closed cuff elbow so, if I needed to let go of one or both, they would dangle from my forearms. In restaurants etc I would stand them upside down, they balanced better that way.

    I was fortunate in that I was taught how to use walking aids, was told what to be conscious of when walking and how to preserve my posture, to this day my heart sinks when I see so many people misusing their sticks, crutches and rollators.

    I've begun my application for PIP,. my DLA has to end despite being a lifetime award and I realise that's no guarantee that I will be awarded the new benefit. Fun and games and a spot of irritation might be in the way . . . . DD
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    This great news that you have new walking sticks, I'm so please.