Heberden's Nodes treatment?

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Hi all. I'm hoping to have a steroid injection later this week to help my trigger finger - very painful and annoying. However, I've also got Heberden's Nodes on the top joints of quite a few fingers, which are equally as painful. One is particularly sore and has distorted my finger as it has grown.

The only remedy I can find online is rest, ice and NSAIDs. If anyone else has got these has any other treatment been suggested to you? I thought I'd mention it to my GP when I see him as it's something I haven't discussed before and I'm finding it very frustrating. How can you rest your fingers?



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    The formation of Heberden's nodes was one of the earliest indications that I had OA - more then 30 years ago. Over time, the bumps have become larger and the distortions more pronounced so I now have almost no flexion in those joints or the next, which have Bouchard's nodes and dropping things is par for the course.

    I have never been offered treatment for these nodes but followed suggestions made after assessment by an Occupational Therapist. In my area steroid injections are not recommended so I have had none in my hands - just a course of them into my knees giving temporary relief and two that didn't work at all into a shoulder.

    Pain has been variable and is sometimes negligible but tends to return after a lot of exercise. Being unable to take NSAIDs I have a wax bath that provides soothing comfort at the end of a particularly active day. (I used it daily when I was working.)

    By now my grip is seriously compromised but I've gradually adapted by using kettle tipper, thick handled cutlery and kitchen utensils plus lightweight mixing bowls, less heavy crockery etc. My family bought my first food processor for my 50th birthday so I could continue to provide them with cakes! It's been a godsend.

    I'm sorry I can't quote an effective 'treatment' but, unless something miraculous has been developed recently, Heberden's nodes are just one aspect of a condition that is still little understood and for which there are no guaranteed 'cures' - even surgery brings its downsides and is rarely recommended as a solution for finger joints. I hope you find something that alleviates your pain and I will be extremely interested to know if there is a magic potion!
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    A quick PS.

    I've been casually browsing the internet and see that there are a number of different finger splints recommended for relief of arthritis pain and for helping to straighten the fingers involved. The most recommended by Occupational Therapists appears to be a 'ring splint'. I've not tried them myself and know no-one who has but thought I should mention this.

    In some rheumatology departments hand splints are prescribed and made to fit the individual so that might be something to ask about too.
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    My RA has affected my hands a great deal and when I get flare ups they are agony. A course of steroids help but I hate having to resort to them too much. Can anyone recommend compression gloves as the ones I tried were not much use. I take methotrexate and had rituximab treatments but nothing fully resolves RA. Hands are my biggest annoyance though!

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