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Hi guys, I’m new to this and thought I’d say hi! My name is Becca I am 22 years old and have suffered with arthritis since I was 2, I’m looking for people at a similar age to me help me with their experiences so I feel I am not alone as my friends and family do not understand how I feel!


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    Hi Bex 97
    Welcome to the forum,sorry you have been suffering with Arthritis since 2years of age that Is a long time,I have only had it since I grew into old age having had knee replacements and hip to manage the pain and get movement back.My family have never understood my arthritis either not fully anyway so I can understand your frustration. Everyone on the forum understands about pain and arthritis and everyone has various forms of Arthritis, we are also very friendly and sympathetic and will try and make you feel part of the forum the most popular forums are Living with Arthritis and Chit Chat.
    All the best Christine
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    Hi Becca and welcome from me too. That's a long time to have been coping with arthritis. How do you manage? Are you able to work? Which meds are you on?

    Sorry, too many questions :oops: Ignore them if you wish :lol:

    Finding young people on here will not be easy. We do have a young people's forum but it's not used much and - possibly because of that - people don't hang around. I can think of one or two young people on here but they're not frequent flyers.

    However, many of the problems are similar for all of us. Including the 'no-one gets it' thing. Have you tried googling The Spoon Theory? That helps to explain living with a chronic disease.

    But it does remain a problem. None of us wants to bang on all the time about arthritis but we do want our nearest and dearest to have some idea.

    When I was young (A long time ago :wink: ) a friend and fellow arthritic wrote a book entitled 'Arthritis - At Your Age?' I think, if you google it, it's now free online. You could try it.

    P.S. Ah, here it is http://www.dumville.org/aaya/
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    Hello, I second Sticky's post and cannot add any more to her comprehensive reply. I was born with eczema and developed asthma aged seven, back in the dark ages of no steroid creams or inhalers so life was tough. My psoriatic arthritis began when I was 37 and wasn't that much of a surprise but I was immediately lumped in with grannies as arthritis is very much seen as an old person's disease. I am 60 now so nearly granny age. :lol: DD
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    Hi Becca!

    I have just come across your post, and I can definitely relate. I am 21 and have had Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was 18 months old (scarily similar right..).

    I'm so sorry but I am not very clued up on how to private message on here.. but perhaps if you knew how to message me I could send you my Instagram username or something similar of the kind.

    Would love to have a chat with you as I feel the exact same. Always feeling like no one else understands, but hopefully I would be able to?

    Georgia x