Hi, I have psoriatic arthritis- anyone else got this?

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Hi, I have heen diagnosed with psotiatic arthritis 11 years ago , im 39 now.

I have 3children and work part time as a carer. Which is very hard to maintain at times 😩

Im on the waiting list for a wrist reconstruction and an ankle fusion and tendon reconstruction, has anyone got experience of these operations?

Also I live in North Wales, anyone else local?



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    Hello, I have PsA plus OA and fibromyalgia but there the similarity ends; I am 60, deliberately childless, retired and live in Suffolk. I began when I was 37, for various reasons did not start the meds until I was 42 and have had only synovectomy operations on my knees.

    There are quite a few on here with PsA, I hope they see your post and reply. DD
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    Hi Olivecon,

    Lovely to meet you, welcome to the forum. It must be very hard being a mum to 3 children and a carer, you should be proud of yourself.

    It seems like wrist reconstruction is to do with ligaments, I haven’t got a handy leaflet for you but this one deals generally with wrist surgery and may be of help


    This leaflet deals with ankle operations


    Do let us know how you get on, we have a handy thread on going into hospital which i can point you to if you like

    Take care
    Yvonne x
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    Hi olivecon and welcome from me too. I have RA not PsA and my wrists and ankles have fused themselves.

    It must be hard working with children given your condition. Very painful too.

    I don't think a hand reconstruction is a very common operation. I certainly don't remember reading of it on here before. I found this, though. www.nhs.uk/conditions/hand-tendon-repair/

    If you re-post on the Living With Arthritis forum you might find some people who have had ankle fusion. I think that's a bit more mainstream. My impression is that it's a successful op.

    With both operations, though, you'll need to factor in a lot of recovery time. In the case of foot surgery it has to be non-weight bearing at first. This must be hard but very worthwhile.
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    Hey - I'm a fellow sufferer! I'm also based in Chester so not far from you. And also in my 30s. I don't have children though so I can't imagine how difficult that must be.

    What drug treatments have you been through in your 11 years?