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Now that I have had my driving licence withdrawn on medical grounds I will be making even more use of my electric wheelchair and Colt Executive mobility scooter which brings up a couple of questions:

1. Does anyone know if there is breakdown cover available from anyone, I have googled to try to find out but cannot find anything specifically for mobility scooters. I am worried that I may be stuck on the road somewhere not being able to move, I know that I could give the place I bought it from a tinkle but obviously it would be easier if I had separate cover.

2. How do scooters cope with wet conditions? I have been caught in a couple of showers when out and about without a problem but now I am without a car there may be instances where I have to go to the Drs or collect a prescription when it is raining. I know that there are covers available but they are a bit cumbersome and I have not been able to find one specifically for my model.

Any fellow mobility scooter users with thoughts?


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    These are exactly the questions I'd be asking myself if I had a scooter.
    I found this for breakdown cover
    I think there are others but didn't have time to investigate.

    As for rain - there is a company which says they have a quick solution for all types of scooter. I'm not sure how easy it would be. My mpression is - dead easy as long you're not disabled :roll: I'd also wonder how one could see to drive in the rain. Presumably such thing don't have windscreen wipers.
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    Thanks SW, I have since found out that my insurance company also does breakdown insurance and puncture cover. As for the rain issue the company that I bought the scooter from says that so long as I don't go out on it when the rain is hammering down and bouncing off the road all should be good. I keep an old military poncho in the pocket of the scooter in case I am caught in a shower when out and about and apparently that will be ideal, so no need to go to the added expense of a cover and, besides, as you have said I have never seen a scooter cover that I could actually cope with!