Allergy Testing and IA

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Hello again!

Just another question to anyone with inflammatory arthritis. I’m currently on methotrexate and it’s working at putting my Arthritis into remission so far. Although I find the drug amazing , it’s not something I ideally want to be on forever.

I have been exploring ideas about food and chronic illness, especially gluten. Has anyone ever cut these good groups out and noticed a difference? Or has anyone had allergy testing and found they had some issues?

Thanks again


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    It's very understandable that you'd not want to be on meds for life. I guess we all feel like that. But, alas, we have dodgy immune systems that are ours for life and that's just how it is.

    I tried diets in my early days. I got worse, probably because I was cutting out essential food groups. I also tried allergy testing from what I suspect is the biggest such lab on the UK commercial scene. I wish I'd saved my money.

    Here's what a BBC doctor had to say about them. I consider it very sound advice.
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    A misbehaving immune system will continue to misbehave until the host organism is no longer viable. I had intolerance testing in its very early days and scored highly on things that still affect me today including moulds, spores, egg white, vitamin C, dairy, pollen and dander.

    I choose to take the meds to make life bearable and occasionally enjoyable but mostly it's tough going. It would be far worse without. DD
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