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I have arthritis all over my back and hands are what make cleaning hard ....Can anyone recommend a cordless vacuum cleaner that has power, is easy to empty and not too heavy to hold...thanks


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    I also have arthritic hands.

    I haven’t yet found a cordless vac that works for me. Most of them seem to need you to keep constant pressure with your index finger on a trigger to make them work. The one that starts with D was hopeless and I ended up giving it away. This was disappointing because otherwise, it was light and easy to use.

    I find the cylinder type of vacuum works for me.

    Good Luck!

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    I have a Bosch Athlet which has a slidng switch (which does not have to be pressed) on the handle offering three strengths of power. One major drawback is it is only useful as a floor vac, although there are tools for funishings ec it is far too awkward to use. It is bagless and washing the filter and bin is a bind. The power lasts OK, when the battery stops recharging a decision will have to made about replacing like-for-like or doubling up with the following.

    My second vac is a bagged GTech which again has a sliding switch. This easily converts to a hand-held and although I have trouble with my fingers and wrists I manage with it OK. Changing the bag is easy, charging is pretty good as is the length of use before it runs out. Both have their pluses and minuses but one I have never considered is Dyson as I've been there and done that: the performance of their super-heavy corded vacs never matched the hype. DD

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