Base-of-thumb pain improvement

Hi all, I have been suffering from joint pain in my hands for some years. Some days were OK, on others I would have random ‘stabbing’ pains and stiffness in the joints, particularly in the fleshy part between thumb and wrist. I noticed it was better in warmer weather but not so good first thing in the morning. So, out of interest, I started wearing warm (thermal) gloves in bed at night to see if that improved things. My wife thought I was totally bonkers, but I’m pleased to say my hands felt a bit better when I woke up and after a few weeks the sudden pains had reduced considerably and the stiffness was much better. If the gloves are not worn it’s very noticeable first thing...! Just thought It worth mentioning it in case it might help anyone else.



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    That’s good news thanks I have both my thumb joints bad and when it’s cold is a lot worse I will give it a try
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    Thanks Sparky67, I have constant and stabbing pains in my thumb joints and wrists, although the left one is worse I'll give this a try.

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    Do you reckon its the heat or that the gloves are a little tight? Just wondering what you think makes the difference for you in this case.

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    These gloves are Thinsulate brand off the local market and are quite loose, so I'm guessing it's the additional warmth while my hands are not moving in the night which helps. I also have a knitted pair from Asda which cover my wrists better. No expense spared for more comfortable hands first thing in the morning...!

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    I've just started wearing compression gloves which I've had for about a fortnight and find that they work really good especially when doing tasks really worth a try glad I got them.

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    Hi folk I have quite bad pain in my Hands hard to hold things, I also have it in my shoulder, hips and knee, I have been in hospital with my right knee marked for a replacement twice, the first time the Surgeon refused and sent me home, the second the anaesthetist 2 years later refused and sent me home, because I suffer with Angina, most strong painkillers upset me even morphine does so I don't ask the Doctor for any now, I have found using Hemp Gel has helped my knee so it has allowed me to walk about somewhat better, and that brings me to the question I'd like help with, has anyone tried CBD oil taken internally has it been any good and are there any side effects, and would it effect my heart, if anyone can help I'd be most grateful, stay safe celtic

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    Hi. My left hand is horrendously painful with OA and at some point when this covid 19 situation is better I should be getting a trapedeziectomy to hopefully clear the arthritis in my thumb. The right hand is now going the same way. Try not to stop using it. Things that help for me are the hot hands pads, buy them in bulk they're cheaper. There is a reusable one chat you plug into a USB charger which works well but sometimes gets too hot. Compression gloves I didn't find helpful at all. The only time I use mine is to holdy hot hands on place) I have a number of addeco (dp) thumb splints which I find good during the day at work. I'm a pa., but they can become uncomfortable after a while so take them off. I'm on an ever increasing variety of meds plus paracetamol. Hot baths help, use hand gel when it's too painful to wash hands and likewise have a bad day wardrobe that you can throw on without causing too much pain. Eating with a fork helps, having to have good cut up when we can eat out is embarrassing but sometimes a necessity. Get your other half to half fill kettle at night so making the first drink is easier with stiff hands. These are all fairly simple things that help but the sort of thing that you don't necessarily think of. And lastly. With the phone, try not to use it on your hands but on a surface.. Hope these help, give me a yell if nessary. Stay safe, love n hugs. Trish