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Hello, I'm 35, had JIA since 7. Had a number of knee synovectomies over the years, luckily no joint replacements! My arthritis flare has generally been horrendous since 2014 but during that time I went into complete remission for my pregnancy, had the most awful flare of my life post partum. Sadly no more children for me because of unpredictable nature of this illness, couldn't lift my baby or walk. My support network wasn't brilliant and I was left to get on with it until I went to A&E a couple of times for morphine.

I changed to the progesterone only pill about 6 months ago and am now again in complete remission. Maybe it's a coincidence but I'm so grateful to have a proper life with my family.


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    Hi kh1009,

    Now that is amazing! I truly hope it isn't coincidence for you - I just had a little google and it seems there must be some link because, as you said, pregnancy can either send immune arthritis into overdrive or remission.

    Thanks for posting this information, I hope others can benefit from it too

    Take care

    Yvonne x

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    Hi kh!

    Lovely to meet you welcome to our community.  We've heard this story before sadly about awful post partum flares.  I am sorry, but you do have your much-loved child so I'm sure you are grateful for him or her.

    Gosh I hope very much that the progesterone only pill is the reason for your disease activity being so low.  If not LONG may this remission last.

    Come along in and join us all we are friendly and supportive people!

    Just spotted this thread with two other young Mums on it don't know if you'd be interested??