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Arthers Annual Booze Crooze

Airwave!Airwave! Posts: 2,324

All forumers please note:-

It is my intention to hold a cruise aboard our usual ship, from the usual venue, leaving on Wednesday next, be there or be aaaaaaah left behind. The ship comes equipped with full PPE, painkillers (especially bottled in Scotland!), all the latest films and I have requested ladies beachwear this time, so no excuses. Chef has written down all the best meals to keep us happy, pasties for the southerners and fish and chip snacks and crispy bits for the northeners.


p.s. I have brought a captains hat from the £1 shop so do we have a volunteer to wear it? We need volunteers for many posts so please apply.

love and kisses, airwave.


  • My days of beach wear have long past (I wouldn't want to frighten the guests) so I'll wear the captains hat, That will keep me out of trouble (for a few minutes!!)

    Numps x
    Pets come into our lives, and then leave paw-prints on our hearts.
  • Airwave!Airwave! Posts: 2,324

    Morning Captain, any instructions? Since this is a virtual cruise, we may select whatever body you like and garments to match!

    I am 6’6” 15 stone of muscle honed to near perfection and intelligence to match, can’t tie my shoelaces though..........😁

    The bar is well stocked and tested. I suggest the Caribbean first for a swim and sample the local rum? Perhaps a visit to some of the islands for an after dinner walk before a nap?

  • BrynmorBrynmor Posts: 448 admin

    Quick trip to Barbados anyone?

  • Airwave!Airwave! Posts: 2,324

    I suppose on a practical level we will cross the Atlantic and come to Bermuda first, St Lucia is the usual first stop though, our captain can make all those navigation decisions.

    I have decided that sun downers May be served from breakfast time onwards, ‘over the yardarm’ drinks from 10am and lunchtime beer at anytime, morning coffee during the morning likewise with afternoon tea(!). Cake is served at cake time👌. After dinner liqueurs now have a self help system of optics attached to the dinning tables, wine will be fed to each table via a piping system and glasses will be fitted in a pop up stacking system. Wheelchairs can be clamped in place. Once in warmer climes a fixed bed can be fitted on deck.

    Morning exercise is taken care of by the PTI, personal programs available, afternoon exercise may be manyana .........? Any hairdos can be decided on in your cabin computer and sent to the salon for when you next pass that way. Anything else?

  • Airwave!Airwave! Posts: 2,324

    Not much support for this cruise, I suggest we cast off and others can fly in to join.

  • I like the idea of the wine being piped to the tables (saves getting up every 5 mins)

    What about entertainment? or shall we make our own?

    I hope we have plenty of barf bags, it always choppy around Biscay

    Numps x
    Pets come into our lives, and then leave paw-prints on our hearts.
  • celticceltic Posts: 25

    Can I be in charge of Crossing the line as I have done so about 20 times or more, all I need for me to keep up with it all is a bottle of 4 star RUM😁

  • That can be arranged Celtic, does that mean you have volunteered for entertainments manager? 😀

    Numps x
    Pets come into our lives, and then leave paw-prints on our hearts.
  • celticceltic Posts: 25

    Oh but of course be only to happy to if I can stand after seeing off the Rum

  • Airwave!Airwave! Posts: 2,324

    Please note: This is a virtual cruise and the sea has been ironed flat! Lumpy bits may be introduced at will, ‘‘tis only a simple trick with software.

    thank you, mines a g&t, ta.

  • Sorry I fear that I am a late comer. I have had a rummage around in the dressing up box and am suitably attired for a meal at the captains table. Bottoms up, chin chin 🍸🍷🍹🍺🍻🥂
  • Oh no, does that mean I have to get dressed up for dinner? I'm afraid I'll still be in my jammas as keeping the ship on an even keel has given me a few sleepless nights (I didn't want you all to roll out of bed in the night) but I think (hope) we are on a flat sea now thanks to Airwave getting the iron out. 😃

    Numps x
    Pets come into our lives, and then leave paw-prints on our hearts.
  • I was going to come I like the sound of the Scotch painkillers.Problem though the Yanks have pinched all the Quinine for the [email protected] like a small swell gale force 12 will do,captain.

  • Oh I expect we can find some from somewhere ellsbells.....we can tell them it was labelled wrong and it need to go back (they believe anything!!!!!)

    Numps x
    Pets come into our lives, and then leave paw-prints on our hearts.
  • Airwave!Airwave! Posts: 2,324

    Dear arthers, just realised I left the boat on auto pilot when I left for a few days away, are you getting on ok? Just ring the (ships) bell for attention. There’s a delivery of painkillers being brought out to you, be careful with the alcohol 😂😂.

    its a grin, honest!

  • migmig Posts: 7,136

    I missed the boat so I flew by helicopter and dropped in the pool.

  • frogmortonfrogmorton Posts: 25,124 ✭✭


    I'm here behind my mask Airwave....

    Clearing up after last night


    Toni xxx
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