What cures work for you?

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I’ve found too much exercise exacerbates osteoarthritis and I’ve tried turmeric unsuccessfully. I find diclofenac helps a little and not staying still for too long helps. But I often wake up in pain.


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    Hi Lucy

    welcome to the forums, it is lovley to have you here. It's good to see that you have found some treatments that help you to manage you arthritis. What kind of arthritis do you have? I am sure some of our other members will share with you the things that help them to manage thier arthritis as well.

    We have a section on our website about some of the different medical treatments that are available here

    we also have a section on the website about complementary treatments here

    I am sure our members will share with you the thing they find most useful to manage their arthritis

    Best Wishes


  • Hi Lucy

    I have recently been prescribed Naprosyn which is taking the edge of a little

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    I've found that the co-codamol 30/500mg seems to take the edge off as long as i take the gapapentin 100mg and the tramadol 150mg with the duloxitine 60mg.Having trouble sleeping with the pain recently.

  • Hi I have just started using Flexiseq after practice nurse suggested giving it a try !


    Have become a fan of Star Trek during Lckdown

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    Actually there are no ‘cures’ that actually work, as this forum wouldn’t be required. There are several medications that ease pain, swelling etc, but a cure is sadly not yet available

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    There are no cures, I am on a reasonably high level of Morphine which only takes the edge off - most of the time. There are a number of crank claims in the ether offering a "cure" which are bogus. I hear that sitting naked in a bath of toad spawn in an Oak wood during a full moon works but I have yet to try it!

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    Folk suffering from so far ‘incurable’ diseases are at their most vulnerable when the medicine doctor comes a knocking. Please don’t spend your hard earned on false promises, until a ‘cure’ has been thoroughly tested and is available free on the NHS. However if certain creams/oils etc are Inexpensive and medically harmless, what the heck?

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    I wish I knew the answer to this too, but I find swearing at my leg helps when it’s firing off.

  • Anyone know anything about Flarin? Not tried it yet....so asking for advice/experiences. I have osteoarthritis in my fingers.....surprisingly so far not my thumbs! Touch wood!

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    Hello @AustraliaBaby1 and welcome to the Community. We are a friendly and supportive group and I hope that will be your experience as well.

    I understand that you have osteoarthritis in your fingers. The medication you mention is Ibuprofen as far as I can see which is widely available.

    You might also find the following of interest

    Please keep posting and let us know how you are getting on

    With best wishes

    Peter (moderator)

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    Hello @AustraliaBaby1 have you tried Capsaicin cream, available on prescription. I use that and Co-codomol to help my hand pain. I too have osteoatrthritis in my hands, worst in my thimbs.

    Word of warning though this is made from Chillis so be carfeul not to rub your eyes or mouth once you've applied it.

    Best wishes

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    Hi Lucy,

    It's difficult to strike the right balance when it comes to exercise, the general concensus being that it's important in terms of building up strength in the affected joint, plus it aids fitness and mental health levels. However, as you point out, it can leave one feeling painful so how best to manage it?

    I have OA in both knees, I find wearing knee supports aids stability and the compression helps the swelling. In terms of meds/natural remedies I have found Bromelain eases swelling and for pain management I have recently started using a TENS machine, taking CBD capsules and attending acupuncture sessions, all to good effect.