How do you cope with the pain.

Just need to ask if there anything I can to ease my pain in my right hand. Tablets just take the edge off the pain


  • Sharon_K
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    Hello @Metermaid1957

    welcome to the forums, lovely to have you here. Pain is a complex thing and as you have discovered tablets along don't get rid of the pain completly. We have a good section on the website that talks about hand pain here.

    Some people find either hear or cold helps to ease the pain and some have found wearing splints or compression gloves useful, there is a discussion here you might find useful

    I am sure our members will have ideas to share with you. Let us know how you get on

    Best Wishes


  • Airwave!
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    Cognitive therapy, light exercise, heat bags (wheat), being gentle on myself, treating myself, doing fun things, not doing jobs I don’t want to do, only doing things I want to do, grandchildren, S£x, Lots of hobbies and interests the list goes on and on!

    I haven’t taken painkillers constantly for at least five years now and can’t remember when I took them occasionally last. They don’t work in any case.