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Hi, my names Sue and I have osteoarthriris. I'm 67 and started with arthritis about 4 yrs ago after having a full hysterectomy for cancer. Which I'm sure that was what started it off in the first place as i only had the odd ache or pain from it,but now I seem as if i have it all over ,my left hip being the worse.

I try to get as much exercise as i can with the use of co codamol but I am on the strongest dose and they are not working like they have been I'm trying not to take them but the pain sometimes is so bad I can't get out of bed, I suspect you have all been there. Can I ask what tablets you take, as my doctor is very dismissive about the whole thing, which apart from anything else ,I hardly ever go to the drs.



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    Hi Sue, there are a multitude of meds for OA, most of which I have tried and am now on Morphine. Regrettably none of them negate the pain fully only knock the edge off. You need to ask your GP to refer you to a Pain Clinic as they will have a little more understanding about the condition.